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M. LesvosPhotos: Lesvos – Molyvos

Breathless beauty

Lying at the northwest tip of Lesvos, Molyvos or Methymna has always been the tourist capital of the island and undoubtedly a pole of attraction both for locals and tourists who visit this awesome place for their very first time.

A significant number of poets, painters and intellectuals have been attracted since the early sixties by this place which however managed to remain totally intact against massive influences, to preserve its unrivalled architectural style, its history and tradition and not to surrender to mass tourism.

The imposing medieval castle, the second biggest castle on the island, perched on a rock being its trademark. You will be impressed by the bulky wooden gate of the castle. At present the residential area surrounds the medieval castle and goes far beyond that.

All the residences, made of stones and wood, have been densely built among the interconnected lanes; combined with the yards and the balconies they create this scenery of matchless beauty and a village of great interest as far as its planning and architectural identity is concerned. No wonder this awesome village is considered preservable and protected by the State. The picturesque harbour right on the edge of the village adds a little of local colour to this breathtaking scenery. When visiting Molyvos, it is worth viewing the St Panteleimonas Church, the St Kyriaki Church and last but not least the Basilica of Taxiarches built in 1795.

In addition, Molyvos boasts a great number of public buildings such as fountains engraved with in-relief inscriptions erected during the Ottoman Occupation which witness the eventful past of this place.

There are two main shopping lanes both leading to a small picturesque square. Lots of traditional restaurants, cafés and shops on either side of the lanes catch your attention while the restaurants with their cosy balconies overlooking the Aegean Sea offer a panoramic view. Molyvos hosts an important Archaeological Collection as well as a Municipal Art Gallery where a valuable collection of paintings made by Tsarouchis, Chalepas, Mitaras etc is on display. Right in front of the Art Gallery one can see Argyris Eftaliotis’ bust, the renowned novelist born in Molyvos. Every year numerous cultural events are held either in the castle or in the premises of the meeting centre.

It is worth mentioning the branch of the School of Fine Arts operating in Molyvos in summertime.

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