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BelgiumPeople: Author: Spyros Paloukis

Spyros Paloukis was born in 1980 and he lives in Edessa, Thessaloniki and Brussels. He works as a freelance photographer, writer, journalist, and he is the publisher of Magic spiros-paloukisBox & Fata Morgana Editions (www.themagicbox.gr). He has studied Information Technology in Thessaloniki and he has obtained a Masters degree in American Studies (University of Antwerp, Belgium). Furthermore, Spyros has undergone photography classes at the Stereosis School of Photography in Thessaloniki.

From 2006, he is engaging himself in various photographic projects in Greece and abroad. During the length of his career, he has been awarded in various photographic competitions, most notably the E.U. competition Cantabria+10 in which he came in second place. According to the Hellenic Centre for Photography, he is regarded as one of the top ten young Greek photographers for the year 2008/09 (Athens APhF:08).

He has published five books. His first novel Charlemagne and the Camera of Secrets, placed Spyros among the ten best new authors of the year according to the Diavazo literature magazine. In 2009, he released the photographic book Edessa which focuses on his native town in north Greece. The photo book entitled Daydreaming: one hundred Greeks of Belgium dream of Greecewas published in five languages and it was presented in European Parliament (Brussels) and it was exhibited in ”Symbiosis?” 15th Biennale de la Mediterranée (Thessaloniki). In 2011 he released his novel entitled Black Out Generation. Wonderwood is his fifth book, which was published in October 2012, and it is a unique photo fairy-tale who combines history, mythology, allegories and legends through contemporary photographic aesthetic (Thessaloniki’s Photobiennale – Kalos & Klio showroom). In 13.04.2013 he delivered a speech for TEDx Thessaloniki, entitled “the Chamber of Dreams” about fairytales in contemporary life and his creative path as a multidisciplinary artist.

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