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BelgiumBooks: Daydreaming

DaydreamingDaydreaming focuses in the lives and dreams of the Greeks who live in Belgium (which are currently estimated at 35.000). It visually records and documents the personal stories of these people through their dreams. The project, started in 2009 and lasted for a year. Portrayed in the photobook which was published in 2010 , there are one hundred Greeks who live in various cities of Belgium, from Brussels to Antwerp, Gent to Genk, Mons to Quaregnon and Liege to Charleroi to name but a few, all belonging to different segments of the socio-economical scale from coalminers to eurocrats, restaurant owners to artists, and businessmen to scientists and clergymen. In Daydreaming each subject is photographed with closed eyes in their working environment. With their eyes closed, the person is immersed into their inner world, their childhood memories, nostalgic dreams about their two countries, the country of their daily life; Belgium and the country of their inner soul; Greece.

Author: Spyros Paloukis

(Fata Morgana Publications | ISBN: 978-960-98850-1-0)

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