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AlexandroupoliArticles: Alexandroupoli


Alexandroupoli is a city in Thrace and the capital of Evros district. It’s an important port and commercial centre of northeastern Greece. The city was founded in 1875 as a small village, but its population increased rapidly over the years. In 1913, during the 1st Balkan War, remained briefly under Greek administration but was then given to Bulgaria with the Treaty of Bucharest. In 1920, after the end of the 1st World War, it was incorporated into the Greek state. A little later in the same year, after king Alexander died, the city was named after him (Alexandroupoli = city of Alexander). It is one of the most recently built cities in Greece. However, the surrounding area has a rich historical past, since the ancient city Sali was built there and right nearby, ancient Mesimvria, Roman Traianoupolis and byzantine Vira.

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