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M. NemeaSights: Zeus temple

The Temple of Zeus in Nemea, as remains now, was constructed during the transition period from Classical to Hellenistic period, around 330 BC. Construction material is not marble, but limestone from the querry of Klenies. The first temple was built in the early 6th century BC, but was burnt down by a fire in 5th century BC.

The number of Doric columns are 6 x 12, in contrast to the standard 6 x 13 columns. Currently 9 columns are standing, of which 6 are reconstruction. At the rear of the cella, there is a crypt, of which the use is unknown. This photo was shot from the east toward west. The crypt is in the cordoned area. Toward the east, there is an altar of great length, 41 meters long. It was originally constructed in the 6th century BC, and extended in the 4th century BC.

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