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C. LakoniaSights: Vathia

Vatheia is a little town in Laconia, Greece, on the Mani Peninsula. It is part of the municipal unit Oitylo. It is famous for its grand towers (pyrgoi). Vatheia is situated in a hilly setting, and is linked with the road linking north to Areopoli and Kalamata and south to Cape Tenaro/Matapan.

The hills and mountains dominate the northern part, farmlands are within the valley areas, forests are rare and are only situated in and around the valley area. On the hilltops are abandoned homes, which are colored with earth and topaz along with its rooftops which are like fortresses and were built out of stone south of the place (plateia).

Modern buildings exists in the centre. Now Vatheia is a tourist attraction in spring because of its wild flowers that cover the nearby hills and its breathtaking views.

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