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AmintaioSights: Lake Vegoritida

Λίμνη Βεγορίτιδα

Lake Vegoritida

The Vegoritida Lake belongs to the districts of Pella and Florina and the Municipalities of Amyndeo, Filota and Vegoritida. It is surrounded by the mountains Vernos, Voras and Vermio and is the lowest area of the complex of the lakes Zazari, Chimaditida and Petron, concentrating their waters through a system of channels and tunnels.

Along with other lakes of the area, it has been a production core around which many settlements have developed since the early antiquity. That is validated by various findings, though there hasn’t been a systematic archaeological research. Apart from the productive importance of the lake, it has also been a region of unique natural beauty that attracts many tourists, creating a secondary productive significance. The sharp shores are an ideal shelter for many wild bird species, like Egyptian vultures, long-legged buzzards, as well as the internationally preserved lesser kestrel. The site has been declared a Site of Community Importance of the European Ecological Network Natura 2000. The lake is also a fish habitat with species like common carps, lavarets, northern pikes, roaches and wels catfish.

Λίμνη Βεγορίτιδα

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