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LaganasSights: Laganas beach – A loggerhead (caretta-caretta) sea turtle shelter!

Laganas beach – A loggerhead (Caretta-caretta) sea turtle shelter!

Zakynthos – and especially the Laganas Gulf – is one of the most important shelters for the protected loggerhead (caretta-caretta) sea turtle in Greece. This endangered species stand out for its red-brown shell and its big head and can grow up to 1.25 meters height and 180 kilos weight. The water pollution, the intensive fishing and the destruction of seacoasts has endangered the survival of the species in the last decades. Female loggerheads lay their eggs on certain beaches only, where after 50-75 days the baby turtles are born and cross the beach to reach the water. In December 1999, the National Marine Park of Zakynthos was founded for the protection of the ecosystem, which is unique in the Mediterranean and creates protection zones in those areas of the Gulf and prohibits the speed-boat traffic from May to October. The egg spawn mostly occurs at night and therefore noises and artificial lighting must be avoided because they confuse the turtles. Finally umbrellas and sun-beds and disruption of the incubation are prohibited.


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