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C. AitoloakarnaniaSights: Acheloos River

Acheloos River

The river Acheloos or Aspropotamos (White river) is the second longest river in Greece (220km). It is also named Aspropotamos (=white river) because its water has a white, pale colour mainly because of the clay it transfers. In the ancient times, Acheloos was worshiped as the most important fluvial god. In the Acheloos valley, there is a colony of griffon vultures, golden eagles, Egyptian vultures, buzzards and short-toed snake eagles. At the rivers delta there are also black-winged stilts, oystercatchers, gull-billed terns, stone curlews, redshanks, Dalmatian pelicans and other bird species, many of which also spend the winter here.



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