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M. IkariaSights: Sights in Ikaria

Sights in Ikaria

Ikaria is a Greek island in the central area of the Aegean Sea, east of Mykonos and west of Samos. It’s best known for the intense scenery alternations and the healing powers of the healing springs, which are considered to be some of the best in the world. Ikaria is like a natural balcony towards the Aegean, an actual painting with dense vegetation and endless coasts.

All year long and especially during the summer, feasts with live music, local wine and traditionally cooked meat take place. There are also many other events each year, like international chess tournaments, theatric shows and concerts, international and Greek conferences, surfing races, beach volley matches, literature nights and touristic excursions in order for the visitors to get to know local products and Ikarian cuisine. In Ikaria, there is also hiking tourism, since there are 14 hiking trails. Most important sights:

  • Nas: Ancient city where part of the Temple of Artemis is preserved.
  • Inoi: Ancient capital of the island.
  • Drakano: ancient city where the tower with the same name is preserved.
  • Archaeological Museum of Aghios Kyrikos: Includes findings from the Neolithic and Romaic eras.
  • Archaeological Museum of Kambos: Includes findings from ancient Inoi.
  • Historical and Folklore Museum of Aghios Kyrikos.
  • Folklore Museum of Aghios Polykarpos.
  • Folklore Museum of Perdiki.
  • Workshop-exhibition of wooden sculpture by P. Safos in Katafygi.
  • Ikarus’ rock: The spot where according to the myth Ikarus lost his wings and fell into the sea.


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