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M. RodosPeople: The Ancient Rhodians Olympic Winners

Virtue and ideal body proportions, dimokidia and ethos, democratic spirit and beauty, were the main characteristics of the athletes  all over Greece but first of all were Olympic Games winners from Rhodos, theofanis Bogianos
List of Rhodians Olympic Winners
  • Diagoras Ialissios – wrestling
  • Damagitos – fist and pankration, 82th and 83rd Olympic Games
  • Akoussilaos – wrestling 83rd Olympic Games
  • Dorieas Diagorou Ialissios -  pankration, 88th and 89th Olympic Games
  • Efklis – fist, 96th Olympic Games
  • Pisirodos – children fist, 94th Olympic Games
  • Leonidas – stadium,  channel, armed road, 154th, 115th,156th and 157thOlympic Games
  • Agissistratos – children wrestling 152nd Olympic Games
  • Aristomenis, wrestling and pankration, 156th Olympic Games
  • Dorotheos-stadium, 141st Olympic Games
  • Theopropos – race of Kelitos, 243rd Olympic Games
  • Kallippos – fist, 121st Olympic Games
  • Klitostratos – wrestling, 147th Olympic Games
  • Nikagoras – chariot of Sinoridos, 120th and 123rd Olympic Games
  • Nikassilos- wrestling
  • Teleftias Kamirios – race of Sinoridos

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