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C. IoanninaPress: About Epirotikos Agon

Epirotikos Agon is one of the oldest newspapers published in Greece. Its head-quarters are in Ioannina, Epirus.

It was set in 1923 in the region of Epirus and was first published with the title “Thunder”. The next year it was retitled to “Epirotikos Echo” until 1927, when it took the title “Epirotikos Agon” which has had until now.

During the past eighty-seven years the news-paper has been circulating daily withour failure. The only exception was during the Second World War, when the local news-papers were forced for two years to publish a common “News Bulletin”.

A second exception occurred during the period of 1973 to 1974 when the dictatorship in Greece stopped the circulation of the news-paper for some time, due to anti-dictatorship editions. During these seventy-eight years there have been two publishers who have been connected more than anybody else with the publishing of the newspaper. Efthimios Tzallas was publisher until 1968, and after him his son Eleftherios became publisher and head of the news-paper until 1983.

In 2000 Epirotikos Agon celebrated its twenty thousandth newspaper publication, making a special edition for old colleagues, employees, subscribers and readers, to “testify” their own experience through the history of their favourite news-paper.

Epirotikos Agon was nominated for two more distinctions in the recent years. On March 22nd 2004, the “Athanasios Vas. Botsis” Institute for the Promotion of Journalism awarded a prize to Epirotikos Agon for its overall contribution to the media throughout its 77 year-old history, the quality of the newspaper and the coverage of regional issues. On Noveber 22nd 2007 Epirotikos Agon and its columnists Alekos Raptis and Thimios Tzallas received the State Award for Best Article in a regional newspaper for the year 2006. The article was titled: «5 dramatic pictures re-emerge» and referred to the deportation of Ioannina’s Jewish Community by the Nazis in 1944.



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