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GreeceMusic: Our Great Circus – Iakovos Kabanellis

“Our Great Circus” is a documentary of all the years of our Greek Nation. It’s an epic play for the nation, where one can see the virtues, the deficits, the rise and the fall, the struggles and the agony of the people, which full of the great history, tries to find a path towards an ambivalent future. It’s the sinking of the after – war drama in the “Divine Comedy” of the ruthless Greek narration.

Playwright: Iakovos Kabanellis
Director: Sotiris Hatzakis
Music: Stavros Xarchakos
Conductor: Stavros Xarchakos
Sets: Ersi Drini
Costumes: Ersi Drini
Choreography: Dimitris Sotiriou
Lighting: Antonis Panagiotopoulos
“Acropol theatre” until the 9th of December and then in Royal Theatre of Thessaloniki

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