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EuropeEvents: Give a Gift, Get a Gift modern art exhibition at Olivepress

If in Chania, you can visit the modern art exhibition entitled Give a Gift, Get a Gift at the Olivepress modern art museum, every Sunday until November 25, 2012.

The exhibition is one of the events of the CHANIaRT 2012 – Visual Routes in Chania project, for which 70 Greek and international visual artists are exhibiting their works of painting, sculpting, engraving, photography, and installations regarding relationships, feelings and exchanges involved in the interactive pairs “Have-Desire”, “Give-Take”, “Have a Vision-Make come True”.

Actions and ReActions seeking completion in the levels “Matter-Spirit”, going through the relations “Male-Female”, and extending to the metaphorical depiction of the relation “Life-Death”. Participating artists robustly define dual configurations to delve into the interwoven relations and boundaries between “Positive-Negative”, “Zenith-Nadir”, “Sky-Earth”, and the symbols and interpretations of “Jin-Jang”.

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