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GreeceLocal Cuisine: Sweet preserves (spoon sweets)

Linked to the sweet welcome of a visitor, it is the foremost traditional treat in Greek homes. When served, it usually fills a teaspoon, hence its name.

The majority of these sweets are prepared during the season when each fruit ripens: wild cherries, grapes, figs, apricots, berries, plums, quinces, bergamots and citrons, with each ripening one after the after from the beginning of summer up to the end of autumn.

However, there are variations to these sweets, which are prepared from fruit or seeds that have not yet ripened (e.g. pistachios, walnuts, bitter figs), while there are also spoon sweets with various vegetables as the raw materials (small tomatoes or small eggplants).

Not only are these raw materials used in spoon sweets, they are also great as jams, marmalades or preserved (stewed) fruits.

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