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Associations: Committee for Pontian Studies

The Committee for Pontian Studies – a non-profit scientific society – has been concerned since it was founded (1927) with the collection, study and publication of historical and cultural material of the Hellenism of Pontos.

The scientific journal “Archeion Pontou” (“Pontian Archive”), published by the society, remains the main source of information on related subjects.

In the Committee’s privately owned building, the “House of Heirlooms of Pontian Hellenism” – which is the Committee’s base – there is a Head Office, an organized Library, Conference – Seminar Rooms and technical equipment, which give the building the ability to function as a contemporary study center and as a center for the development of many forms of intellectual activity.

By creating the Museum of Pontian Hellenism in the same building – after many years of methodical organizing – the Committee has presented to the public, since 1998, the first Pontian Museum established with all the modern specifications.


A. The journal “Archeion Pontou”, volumes 1(1928) – 51(2003-2005).

B. Books as separate volumes of “Archeion Pontou”, vol. 1(1955) – 25(2005).

C. Maps, album, coopergraph and cards.

All publications are available for sale.

The Library contains a large number of books and it is open to the public every day from Monday to Friday 10.00 – 16.00.

Any correspondence or inquires should be directed to the Office.


73 Agnoston Martyron str

Nea Smyrni

17123, Athens, Greece

Tel.: +30 2109325521, +30 2109354333

Fax.: +30 2109354333

e-mail : info@epm.gr, home@epm.gr

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