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PinakianoArticles: Pinakiano of Lasithi


Pinakiano village in lasithi, Crete.

It is one of the latest villages of the Plateau and the first village we meet when descending from Seli Ambelou (by turning left). It is located at an altitude of 850 m. whereas the distance from Agios Nikolaos is 46.6 km and from Heraklion 54.9. It is not mentioned in the Venetian censuses of the 16th century or in the Turkish census of 1671.

The first time it appears is in the Egyptian census of 1834: Lagu with Pinakiano with 20 Christian families (Pashley, Travels in Crete, II, 322). In the census of 1881, Pinakiano and Lagu are part of the municipality of Tzermiado with 141 inhabitants. In 1900 Pinakiano is in the same municipality with 50 residents. In 1920 it is written Pinakiano at the rural municipality of Lagu with 55 inhabitants, in 1928 it belongs to the community of Tzermiado with 102 residents, in 1940 with 127, in 1951 it is in Lagu community with 158 residents, in 1961 with 117, in 1971 with 95, in 1981 with 85, in 1991 with 89 and in 2001 with 40 residents.






Source: http://www.oropedio.gr

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