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VolosSights: Archaeological Museum of Volos

 Archaeological Museum of Volos

The “Athanassakio” Archaeological Museum of Volos is one of the country’s oldest museums and the main archaeological museum of Thessaly. It is located by the beach of Volos inside the park of the Anavros area. Since its restoration in 2004, the Archaeological Museum of Volos includes archaeological findings from all over Thessaly, dating back to the Paleolithic to the Roman era. The exhibition is located in eight halls on the ground floor of both the old and new building and includes findings from archaeological researches started in Thessaly at the beginning of the 20th century that are still in progress. Informative texts, sketches and photographs enrich the exhibition and allow even people who have no special knowledge understand the type and use of the findings, as well as the archaeological sites where they came from.

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