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M. KimolosSights: Kimolos Nature



Tracking the monachus-monachus seal in Kimolos

Kimolos is one of the most important natural shelters for the monachus – monachus seal, hosting about 40 of the 500 individuals remaining in the world, along with the nearby isle Polyaigos. The existence of many isolated beaches helps the adult seals bear usually one (and rarely two) baby seals every two years. The red viper (Macrovipera schweizeri) and the blue lizard (Podacris milensis) are two sheer indigenous species of Kimolos and the surrounding islands. 72 bird species have also been registered on the island, including the endangered Eleonora’s Falcon (Falco eleonorae), the Bonellis eagle (Hieraaetus fasciatus), the peregrine falcon, falcons, rock doves and shags. The island’s flora includes more than 400 common and rare Mediterranean species (shrubs, myrtles, theme, cedars, sea daffodils, kermes oaks, tamarisks, honey suckles etc.), 32 of which are considered to be extremely important since they are both indigenous and endangered.


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