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M. RodosSights: Rhodes: Old town

Rhodes, the magic of the old town

A medieval town, a lively city, a touristic destination. The old town of Rhodes is protected from UNESCO as a monument of cultural heritage and manages to combine said elements without affecting its character. No matter which gate you choose to enter the old city of Rhodes, you’ll get the chance to admire unique architecture masterpieces, which are still today an integral living part of Rhodes. The people are polite and kindhearted, ready to open their doors to any visitor wishing to see what it’s like to live in a medieval town. A little farther from the medieval gate, the historical building of the gallery is located. Moving forward, you’ll the see the Church of Holy Mary on the castle and on your left the famous Knight’s Street. It’s the only authentic medieval street existing today and some of the most important buildings of the city are located along it. The town’s central road leads to the Palace of the Knights, built in the 14th century and restored by the Italians at the end of the ‘30s. In the 80 halls of the palace, you can see furniture and sculptures of exceptional art dated back to the 15th-19th centuries, as well as a replica of the famous Laokoontas complex. The original is displayed in the Vatican museum. Among other important monuments in the old town, you can see the Synagogue, the ruins of the Gothic church of Holy Mary, the Aghia Aikaterini hostel, the Kastelania mansion built in 1507, the mosque of Rejep pasha and the medieval fortification.



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