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LourosSights: Waterfront forest of Aghios Varnavas

Waterfront forest of Aghios Varnavas

The waterfront forest of Aghios Varnavas is a great part of the Greek natural inheritance. The landscape around the lower course of the river Louros is at the edge of the National Park of the Amvrakikos Bay. This area includes the extended flood zone of the river, the Skala fountains and the forest of Aghios Varnavas along with the Ksiropotamos stream.

The forest is sacred, since the byzantine church of Aghios Varnavas is built in it, and an important nature reserve included in an internationally respected wetland (Ramsar area), a Special Protection Zone, a Site of Community Importance of the Natura 2000 network and a National Park. It’s an area with rare waterside forests and a cluster of habitats for rare plant and animal species. It’s a protected site of woodland recreation and a world-renowned region of waterfront forest restoration.

Some of the animals living in the area are: levant sparrow-hawks, golden orioles, lesser spotted woodpeckers, beetles, butterflies, four-lined snakes and marshland fish species.

Some of the plants living in the area are: dragon arum, ivy, elderberry and trees like narrow-leafed ashes, alders, white willows, field elms and plane trees.



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