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ParamythiaSights: Paramythia

The city of Paramythia lies in the county Thesprotia in Epirus. The town’s area reaches about the 79,200 acres, while it’s population about 10,000. Paramythia was a small Byzantine town built in 1,000 B.C. Lies simile to an amphitheatre at the altitude of 750 m, at Korila’s mountain foothill, between the Acheron and Kalamas rivers.Paramythia, with the narrow streets, most of them are traditional, with the houses that are very close to each other and the red tiled roofs, with the old plane-trees and the street market at the centre is a picturesque and amazing settlement for every visitor. It still keeps its traditional colour. It is surrounded by green forests with trees that are in leaf while in its feet lies the long green plain of Kokitos with the trim gardens and the fruit-bearing trees.

Among the city’s attractions you can see the Byzantine bath, the Koulia tower, the castle of Paramythia and the Elea’s castle, the unique for it’s structure watch, while you’ll never forget the thesprotian highlands, at the Souli village, but also the near littoral regions as Parga, Syvota, Perdika.

Paramythia and the area around it, provide the visitor, a series of activities of alternative tourism. Trekking, extreme games, visiting areas with great, ancient and historical, interest; there are a few activities of alternative tourism for the visitors of this region. The agritourism is a form of alternative tourism in order to maintain and promote the Hellenic traditional and rustic way of life. Paramythia represents an rural area which maintains the true traditions and it’s characterized as traditional settlement.

Notwithstanding its limited surface area, Greece is endowed with a particularly rich and diversified natural environment as a result of a rare geomorphology, with many striking natural contrasts and areas of great ecological value. The country’s abundant natural gifts –thousands of indented coasts, imposing rocky massifs, caves, gorges, lakes, rivers, biotopes of spectacular beauty and unique natural habitats– coupled with the mild climate, place it among the ideal destinations for ecotourism and alternative forms of tourism.

The Municipality of Paramythia belongs to the constituency of Epirus in the South-East part of the Prefecture of Thesprotia. It is 82 km from Ioannina and 35 km from Igoumenitsa and its port.It is situated in a position that is easy to get access to because it is connected with Egnatia Street which is under construction. So the time one will need to get there will be very short.The area of the new Municipality is 316.853 square metres while its population is around 10.000 and is significantly rising during the Summer months.

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