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IerapetraSights: The best beaches of Ierapetra

 The best Beaches of Ierapetra

There are three beautiful beaches near the city of Ierapetra worth visiting. The first one, Limnakia, is on the west, in the heart of the city. It is the city’s best organized beach, it’s sandy, its seabed is rocky, the water is shallow and there are always people. Here you’ll find anything you need, since the beach is that close to the city.

A few metres to the east, you’ll see the Kale Fortress, which is still protecting the small port of Ierapetra. That is where the city’s second beach, Apovathra, begins, with thick sand and shallow water. It is well organized and also a water-sports and scuba-diving spot. If you keep walking after you’ve passed the beach, you’ll cross the beachfront street, which is full of cafeterias and taverns. A little farther, next to the church of Aghia Fotini, begins the city’s longest beach, that of Aghios Andreas. At the beginning, the beach is sandy and as you move to the east it gets rockier.


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