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M. ZakynthouSights: “Navagio” (Shipwreck) beach

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“Navagio” (Shipwreck) beach

Navagio is one of the most famous beaches in Zakynthos. It is only accessible by boat, but you can see it from a platform on the mountain. The beach is laid with white pebbles and a small sandy part. The waters are turquoise and the scenery is idyllic. According to the story, a ship named “Panaghiotis” was smuggling cigarettes and liquor from Turkey, the Greek Coastguard was pursuing it and due to the bad weather, the ship was wrecked on the beach. This happened in 1982 and the beach has been called “Navagio” (=shipwreck) since. When this happened, the locals were afraid that it would reduce the tourism, but it turned out to be one of the most important sights of the island, brought in even more tourists and is ranked within the 23 most beautiful beaches in the world.


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