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C. IrakleioSights: The best beaches in the district of Iraklion


The most beautiful beaches in the district of Iraklion

We have chosen to mention some of the most beautiful beaches in the Iraklion district, leaving the rest for you to discover!

Aghia Pelagia: The Aghia Pelagia beach is 25km off the city of Iraklion and one of the most popular destinations in the area, not only because of its deep blue waters, but also because it is inside a bay, protecting it from the summer winds.

Lentas: Popular destination for tourists and also a healing-water spot. The beach is mostly organized, the water is very clean and the seaside laid with small rocks. There are also traditional taverns and hostels in the area. Very close to Lentas beach is the beaches Diskos and Trafoulas and Tripiti, which are equally beautiful.

Tsoutsouras: About 60km from the city of Iraklion lies the long, sandy and clean Tsoutsouras beach, with many trees offering their shade and a beautiful view of the Libyan Sea.

Treis Ekklisies: one of the most beautiful beaches on the south coast of the Iraklion district, only 64km off the city of Iraklion, requiring however driving on a dirt road in order to get there. The view will definitely reward you though and so will the traditional taverns and hostels and of course the crystal clear waters.

Koudoumas: An ideal destination for those in need of peace and quiet. At 80km from Iraklion, the Koudoumas beach, named after the nearby Koudoumas Monastery, is not organized and has no taverns or hotels, is however ideal for camping lovers.

Keratokambos: The long, rocky – and in some spots sandy – beach of Keratokambos lies 71km southeast off Iraklion. On the east side there are sand dunes and a small port with fishing boats and small taverns. The beach is not organized but there are some tavern and hostels. It is definitely ideal for walks on the beach and unforgettable quiet nights.

Vathi: This beach looks like a lagoon, since the summer winds don’t get to it and it is always peaceful. It is not organized nor are there taverns and hostels, but you can grab a bite in the nearby village Sivas.

Aghiofarago: On the southern side of the district, near Matala, lies the Aghiofaraggo gorge which ends up in a breathtaking beach, accessible only through the gorge or by boat from the Kaloi Limenes village. The route through the gorge is 20min long, the waters are crystal clear and the landscape absolutely beautiful. You can also camp there and let yourself go into the peace of nature.

Martsalo: On the southeast side of Matala, lies the beautiful beach Martsalo. You can only get there by crossing the Martaliotiko gorge or by boat from Aghia Galini, Kokkinos Pyrgos and Matala. The landscape is magic, with blue-green waters and palm trees.

Black Beach (Mavri Paralia): on the south of Iraklion, by the village Treis Ekklisies, lies this beautiful black-rock, blue-green-water beach. You can get there by boat from Treis Ekklisies, since no roads lead to it. If you go that far, don’t forget to visit the nearby White Beach (Aspri Paralia).

We should also mention Chrisi, one of Crete’s 81 small uninhibited islands. Chrisi is a heaven on earth, full of beaches with golden and white sand, deep blue waters, tall cedar trees and countless small shells hidden in the sand. There is also a cedar forest, with trees that have been there for more than 200 years.

Ελένη Δ. Μπουχαλάκη


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