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KaravomilosSights: Melissani Cave


Melissani cave

The lake cave of Melissani is in Karavomilos, 2km northwest of Sami, Kefalonia. The cave’s natural entrance is vertical and was created when part of the ceiling collapsed. There is an artificial entrance with stairs and a long underground hall that leads to the inside of the cave and the tour is realized with boats. The cave is 160 meters long. The lake is 20 meters below the ground and the water is 10 to 39 meters deep. In the centre of the lake there is a small isle, where some items were found that certify the worshiping function of the cave during ancient times. That’s why the cave is also called “Cave of the Nymphs”. There are stalactites along most of the cave, which remains open to visitors every day till sundown.



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