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VytinaSights: Folklore Museum of Vytina

Folklore Museum of Vytina


Mr. Katsoulias, teacher and president of the Cultural Association of Vitina, talks about the importance of the Folklore Museum of Vytina for the local tradition and history.

The Museum’s cultural material is a private collection coming from two people, a teacher and a barber, who have been collecting items for many years. These two people are still alive, but quite old, and have therefore donated their collection to the Museum and the Cultural Association of Vytina.

The Museum opened in 1986 and since 2000 it has been housed in a building given by the village’s former Mayor and maintained by the current Mayor.

The Museum now works on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 to 5, the collections are categorized and the visitors are provided with informational material on every item, so that they are aware of each item’s history.

Among the items there are rural objects, traditional costumes and other things people used in their daily life, like tools and utensils.

However, there is still a maintenance problem, as none of the items has ever been maintained since the Museum opened its doors. In order to help solve this problem, students from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens do their internships at the Museum in order to help preserve the Greek cultural inheritance.

Due to the expenses required for the Museum’s proper function, there is an entrance fee of 1 euro for adults and 0.50 euro for kids.

Finally, the president of the Cultural Association, Mr. Katsoulias, would like to thank all collectors for their valuable contribution to the preservation of traditions.




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