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Mikro PapigkoSights: “Kolimbithres” in Papingo

“Kolimbithres” on Papingo Mountain

“Kolimbithres” is a rare natural phenomenon created by the moving water of the Rogovo stream, which formed bowls on the limestone rocks. The locals took advantage of this phenomenon and built small dams on the two largest “Kolimbithres” in order to create water pools with cold, running, crystal clear water. During the season when the dams are open and the water runs naturally, the landscape remains as beautiful.

In order to get to that small paradise, you’ll have to drive about 1km from Large Papingo to Small Papingo. Then, you’ll see a small bridge and an area where you can park your car. You’ll walk for about 150m on the small path starting from the north end of the bridge and you’ll reach the Kolimbithres. The stream becomes narrow and turns into a small canyon. The view is absolutely breathtaking and if you’re careful enough, you can walk without a path for about 10’ and find some of the rest of the Kolimbithres. However, that’s only as far as you can go, because then the rocks are very steep and slippery. During the summer, you can also swim in the Kolimbithres or take a break around them. According to the lore, even Ali Pacha of Ioannina used to go there for a swim.


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