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M. AnogeiaSights: The landscape of Anogia



The landscape of Anogia


Mount Psiloritis


Many climbing clubs organize exploring excursions on the mountain and climbs towards the top, where you will also see the small church of Timios Stavros. The place is ideal for nature-lovers and fans of mountain landscapes.


Nidas plateau


The plateau of Nida is one of the largest in Crete and lies on a height of 1400 meters in the heart of Mount Psiloritis. The tops of the mountains around it remain snowed till the beginning of summer, which creates a breathtaking landscape.


Ideon Andro

On a 1500 meter height on top of Psiloritis lies the “Ideon Andro” the cave where Zeus was said to have grown up. Excavations have shown that it used to be a site of Minoan worship, revived during the Hellenistic and Roman period.

Ιδαίον Άντρον





The cave “Tripa toy Sfendoni”

The cave of Zoniana in Milopotamos, Rethymno, also known as “Sfendoni’s hole” lies 1km north of the Zoniana village. Large posts create intricate spaces, countless colourful stalactites and stalagmites decorate them and there are also rocky bowls of water and cave pearls.

Mountain Shelter

There is a shelter for mountain climbers on the spot Trigodio, where you can stay after making arrangements with the municipality.

It is certain that no matter which site of Anogia you chose to visit, you will be astonished and will crave to revisit these beautiful landscapes and reexperience the local’s hospitality.

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