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Argos OrestikoSights: The Petrified Forest of Kastoria

Απολιθωμένο ΔάσοςΑπολιθωμένο Δάσος

Petrified Forest of Kastoria

On the way from Kastoria to Dispilio we reach a crossing and follow the road to Argos Orestiko, which is 12km away from the city. In the city of Kastoria, you can admire the remaining manors dating back to the beginning of the 20th century and the byzantine churches of Aghios Georgios and Profitis Ilias. On the “Skalki” mound, you can look at the beautiful, panoramic view of the river Aliakmon, of the old and new bridge. Outside the city lies the archaeological site of ancient Dioklitianoupolis, where parts of the walls, roman graves and three old Christian basilicas with mosaic floors are preserved. Driving 4km on the central road you can get to the village Amoudara which is crossed by the river. The sulfur springs of the village are next to the stream on a beautiful location with willows, elms and plane trees. The hydrotherapeutic unit works all year long and is quite modern.

Driving further towards Asprokklisia and Skalochori, we reach the village Nostimo. It’s located on a 920m height and had been destroyed by the Germans during the 2nd World War. This is where the famous Petrified Forest lies which dates back to 15-20 million years ago and includes tropical and subtropical plants. Around the village there are rare maritime fossils, like starfish, mussels, shells, snails, shark teeth etc. animal fossils have also been found that are extremely important for the scientific community that overturn previous knowledge. It’s very impressive that there is a tooth fossil of a prehistoric huge herbivore as well as the tooth of a shark estimated to have been 20-25m long. These amazing findings are included in the small Museum of the Petrified Forest, which is open every day.

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