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ValtesinikoLocal Products: Local Products from Valtetsiniko

Local Products

Honey from Elati: The Honey from Elati in Menalon with a vanilla flavour is the only Greek honey whose designation of origin is protected (PDO) since 1992 and is produced in a specific area of Mount Menalon in Arkadia. It stands out because of its amber colour and because it remains soft and liquid thanks to its low sugar content. It also has anticancer properties.


Potatoes: The potatoes from Arkadia are yellow, firm and delicious.

The area’s climate is ideal for their cultivation.



Walnuts: The area is full of walnut-trees, offering delicious walnuts that are also good for the heart.



Handmade pasta: Made with love and local ingredients, according to the traditional recipes.



Feta and Mizithra cheese made of local sheep-milk, wine, salted pork-meat.


fotkim gluko-koutaliou-karudaki-samothrakis


Traditional jams made of local fruit, chestnuts and walnuts.




Τσάι του βουνού


Oregano and wild mountain tea from the hillsides of Valtetsiniko.


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