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M. AthinaMusic: Greek Song Writing Competition

The Greek Song Competitions seek to bring new composers, lyricists and trends to light at the arty (entechno) end of the Greek song spectrum. The desire to bring about a renaissance in Greek song lies at the very core of the activities included in the Song Cycle, which aims to revive the lost Centre of Greek song and prove its ability to evolve and to redefine its ambit. An event dedicated to the most important new creations to come out of the multidimensional sphere of Greek songwriting. Dimitris Papadimitriou

The Greek Song Writing Competitions are being held for the second time, and their focus this year is on lyrics. The competitors will each submit three songs they have written, and the jury will select ten lyricists to go through into the final phase. In the first stage, the finalists will be asked to write lyrics for one of three melodies given to them by the organizers. In the second, five composers put forward by the organizers will each set one of the songs written by the competitors to music. Then, on the evening of the final, all ten competitors will compete with two songs brought into being during the above process.

15 December 2012,   20:00 Main Stage 

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