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M. AigialiaHotels: Semantron

Semantron Traditional Hotel in Peloponnese

The traditional hotel “Semantron” in Peloponnese is an oasis of tranquility and elation, which brings to mind images of past times.

The name “Semantron” came from the acoustic object used instead of a bell in monasteries. The monk sounds the semantron in a rhythmic way and its tone fills the holy place, summoning the monks for prayer.

“Semantron” is located in the village of Eleonas in the Peloponnese, 11 Km from Aigion and 167 Km from Athens, near Kalavrita and Patras. Just 350m from the breathtaking beach of the village, outlooking the towering mountain of Helmos, and amidst a lush estate of 50.000 m2 with olive and orange groves, cypresses and planes, “Semantron” is the place of genuine hospitality and incomparable aesthetics. The natural beauty of the landscape is unique, as it combines the peace of the sea with the wild mountain charm.

The dwellings that the monks of Mega Spilaion once used during their agricultural activities, built in the 1840s, were recently restored and renovated, so as to create 42 rooms and suites, which provide modern living amenities to guests maintaining the character of the original architecture. Natural materials are dominant, like wood and stone, creating an amazing setting for visitors. The old olive oil press factory has inspired the creation of a restaurant of exquisite standards.

The specially constructed conference centre of “Semantron” with the name “Emilianos” can host professional meetings, company presentations, small conferences and various business events. It is designed and equipped with super modern audiovisual systems, to enhance the overall quality of the facility.

“Semantron” also has an animal farm and a biological garden, the products of which are used in the preparation of offered courses.

The absolute peace of nature and the refined quality of services in a unique environment filled with history and images of everyday life, give “Semantron” an unparalleled charm that fascinates every visitor.