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M. KavalaHotels: Imaret

The jewel

It is said he never forgot the land he was born and raised. He was always to remain deeply attached to Kavala a city in the Northern part of Greece, a ravishing spot in its own right.

In later years he endowed it with schools, hospitals and other charitable institutions. Mohamed Ali, the great modernizer and founder of the Egyptian State and the dynasty that reigned over the land of the Nile until the middle of the 20th century, erected and donated that grand foundation to its native town. A unique and valuable witness of history, precious creature of civilization, was deprived of people and left to decline for the years on end.

Yet as it bears the – seal of gift – and the endurance that every significant creature possesses  Imaret has survived as a reality and a demand for life. It has regained its former glory without shedding the burdens of history and back it is with people for whom it was built to offer yet again hospitality beauty and knowledge.

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