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M. AthinaEvents: Christmas in Athens

Athens is always a unique Christmas destination. This year’s Christmas events seek to revive the deeper humanistic meaning of Christmas and the New Year. For this reason, the festive program that the City of Athens has organized this year concentrates on solidarity and joint efforts that aim to offer to all happiness, optimism and the hope for a sustainable future.
Christmas in Athens. In the face of these harsh and difficult times, the city is still alive, is putting up a fight and will become celebratory. “One for all and all for one”, we said this year and through solidarity, voluntary work and collective action it has become our slogan. All of Athens’ inhabitants have the right to celebrate! All ages, all races and
all religions. Unemployed and pensioners, single-parent families, vulnerable groups, families suffering economically and fellow citizens who are alone.

The streets and squares, including Syndagma, Thissio and Klafthmonos Square, will become illuminated. We are committed to making every day in December a celebration. We recruited passion and hard work, we sought originality and entrusted artists who are multitalented and creative. Music, theatre, dance and carols will entertain young and old alike. With their inventiveness, clowns, acrobats, jugglers and elves will capture our imagination. Fairy tales will come to life and even puppets at the puppet theatre will delight everyone.

We have remained faithful, at the lowest possible financial cost, spending, like last year, only 10% of the money that had been spent in previous years. This year’s Christmas events from the City of Athens do not aim at an easy and ornate spectacle and they are not based on thoughtless waste. They seek to revive the deeper, humanist and universal meaning of Christmas and the New Year; to illuminate the city, as is due to a European capital with a long tradition, culture and
history; to strengthen the solidarity that is so essential in these times. They seek to offer to all a taste of joy, the hope of feasible prospects and a breath of optimism.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Please click here for the Program of Events of the City of Athens.

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