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C. KerkyrasLocal Cuisine: Corfiot cuisine

Another distinctive flavour of the Ionian Island is “tsitsibira” (ginger ale) a kind of beer which is exclusively produced in Corfu. Lemon juice, natural lemon-oil, freshly grated ginger, water and sugar, are the ingredients of this sparkling drink which is actually fermented inside the bottle.

No description of the Corfiot cuisine would be complete without mentioning its fresh dairy products; Corfu is renowned for its high quality cow butter and its mouth-watering golden graviera cheese. The island raised its culinary reputation thanks to its excellent hams as well, such as salado (a local ham) and nubulo fumicado or nombolo (smoked pork fillet), which is prepared in the traditional way in the area of Oros.
Before leaving indulge your palate with the island’s unique local dishes, which are deeply influenced from the Venetian cuisine:
Pastitsada: veal meat or rooster cooked in red sauce flavoured with spices. It’s served with a special type of thick pasta.
Sofrito: a casserole dish with thin slices of veal meat cooked in white sauce. It’s served with mashed potatoes or rice.
Bourtheto: scorpion fish or school shark cooked in red spicy sauce. Add some lemon sauce before removing from the fire.
Savoro: the food of the sailors. Little fried fish marinated in a white sauce with garlic, rosemary and vinegar.
Pastitsio of nonna (of the granny): an alternative version of pastitsio, in which the pasta is put into pastry sheet like a pie.
After completing your meal, indulge in a delicious local sweet, cum couat, mantolato, which is made of ground sesame, honey and whole almonds; fokatsa (the Corfiot version of the famous Italian “focaccia”) a kind of Venetian origin brioche; kolombina, a “hristprosmo” (Christmas cake) in a dove shape and mantoles, made of roasted caramelised almonds.

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