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Associations: Hellenic Society for Equine Welfare

Hellenic Society for Equine Welfare was formed in 2006 and our aim is to protect horses from abuse and alleviate their suffering with love and care, while at the same time we try to educate Greek people on how to treat and care for them.

The initial reason for the foundation of the society was a complaint about 64 animals that were kept in appalling conditions in Aspropyrgos and most of them were destined for slaughter in Italy. The animals were taken away and stayed for one year in stables in Koropi. Fortunately many horse friends accepted the horses in their private facilities and they supported the society financially. After many trials the owner was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment, yet the horses remain in his property. In another case 24 horses and donkeys were rescued from appalling transport conditions – 24 hours in one truck without food and water.

After a very fast court the animals were handed over to the Society for protection and pending their adoption. Most of them were given for adoption. Those that were in a serious health condition were kept in the Society facilities where they still enjoy a happy life. The new facilities at Koropi are now ready and they provide shelter for ten horses in indoor stables and paddocks. Even though it is impossible to stop the meat trade we make efforts so as the transports that take place are lawful and the conditions that the animals are transferred are humane.

Aims of the Society

To change the law in Greece regarding equines, which are still considered to be a private property and they belong to their owners regardless the treatment and the conditions under which they are living.Because of this it is very difficult for us to keep the animals away from “bad” owners even when their lives are in danger.

We try to acquire financial contribution from the state, which is the first responsible for the solution of this problem that we have chosen to undertake voluntarily.Try to find sponsors big or small to support us financially.

We contact similar welfare societies in European Union in order get help from their experience.Some of them occasionally offer small financial contributions.

We organize mainly social events in order to boost our incomes and volunteer teams that help us significantly


The Society solely depends on the financial contribution of the members, the registrations, the adoptions and the donation from friends.

We mainly try to ensure that we are going to have financial help through the Ministry of Agriculture and European funding programs. Moreover we expect financial contribution from similar societies in other countries.


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