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Associations: Cultural Association of Kampos (Tinos Island)


Cultural Association of Kambos (Tinos Island)

The Cultural Association of Kambos has been active in the village since 1981. The Association’s main concern is the realization of social works and the beautification of public areas. So far, after 33 years of activity, the Association has offered significant projects, such as the building of a rural health-clinic, the construction of a shed, the landscaping of the village’s central square and much more. It also contributes to the maintaining and spreading of traditions by reviving old local customs, like the Love Meal on Easter Sunday and the “Makaronas” custom during the carnival season. The Association of Kambos also holds the “Honey Fest” in collaboration with the Municipality of Tinos! The “Honey Fest” takes place once a year, on the last Saturday of August at Kambos square. Residents make more than 14 kinds of traditional pastries based on honey provided by the Beekeeping Collective of Tinos. Visitors are treated to more than 12000 pastries, at the island’s “sweetest” festival!

Source: http://www.tinos-about.gr/

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