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ChoraArticles: Mykonos city, Chora


Mykonos city, Chora

Chora is the city of Mykonos that impresses and fascinates its visitors, thanks to its perfect location and architecture. In spite of the island’s great touristic development, it still maintains its Cycladic nature and big part of its traditional character. The houses are white and square and shine under the hot sunlight, in between the lacy alleys. A little farther, on a low hill, the windmills in combination with the red domes and steeples of the churches compose a breathtaking scenery. In the port a small fleet of colourful boats add the final touch on this unique painting. The great reputation of Mykonos and the big crowds that visit it – with famous celebrities among them – have created the corresponding commercial activity in the market, which Mykonos is also famous for. All around Chora, there are many cafeterias, bars and restaurants, as well as buses leaving to take you all over the island.


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