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Nisi ioanninonArticles: Nissaki (the island in the middleof the lake of Ioannina)

Nissaki (Little island in the middle of the lake of Ioannina)

The Nissaki is the island in the middle of the lake of Ioannina and has been a considerable attraction both for Greek and foreign tourists in the past few years. There are boats leaving from Molos and it only takes 10 minutes to reach the island. On top of it there is a beautiful small settlement and it is one of the few lake islands that are inhabited. There are many traditional houses and taverns serving dishes with frog legs and eels, special treats of the local cuisine. You can enjoy a walk around the paved streets or visit the Ali Pacha museum or his house where he was killed by the Turkish soldiers.

Το καραβάκι μεταφέρει τους επισκέπτες στο Νησάκι


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