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SkirosArticles: Skyros, an island of contrast


Χώρα Σκύρου

Skyros, an island of contrast

Skyros is the southest and biggest island of Voreies Sporades on the east of Euboea. The island stands out for its contrasts since it has hills with pine trees, rocky mountains, idyllic isolated beaches, beautiful bays, long seacoasts, underwater caves, as well as the area Natura on the south side of the island. Skyros has a long history and has preserved its authenticity and tradition. If you visit Skyros, you’ll be amazed by the local architecture, the byzantine ceramics, and the unique decoration of the white houses in Chora. The island is also known for the Skyros Pony, a species that only exists in Skyros and is depicted on the relief of Parthenon. For nature lovers, Skyros can offer the black tulip and the wild orchid and the rare hawk, the Eleonora’s falcon. The combination of mountain and sea allows the practice of many sports, like hiking, climbing, cycling, windsurfing, waterskiing, scuba-diving and also off-road trips with motorcycles or jeeps. You can also enjoy the Aegean view from the square of Aeonia Poiisi (=eternal poetry), where the statue of British poet Robert Brook is located. There are also an archaeological and a folklore museum, a sculpture exhibition from Skyrian artist, Georgios Lambrou as well as a prehistoric fortified city in Palamari and an ancient quarry in Pouria. In Skyros, you’ll also see beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, undersea caves, beautiful landscapes, sandy coasts, pearl pebbles. You can get to Skyros by boat from Kymi or by plane from Athens and Thessaloniki. No matter how you get there, it’s certain that you’ll love the island!


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