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MirinaArticles: Myrina, Limnos

Myrina, Limnos

Myrina is the capital of the island, built on the location of the ancient city. It is an extremely picturesque village with willow trees, plane trees and tamarisks, which reaches the peak of its beauty with the castle that stands proudly tall over the city.

The narrow paved streets, the tile-roofed houses and the old manors create a scenery of incomparable beauty, which is hard to find in our days. There are also many fishing boats in the port and the taverns give away the smell of freshly grilled fish and local wines, composing a peaceful and traditional picture, bound to make you want to stay forever.

The castle: It’s dated back to the 12th century and it’s built on the ruins of the previous Pelasgian walls. It is a landmark of the village and it is extremely beautiful at night when it lights up. The view from the castle is also breathtaking since you can see even Mount Athos. Another noteworthy aspect of the castle is that there are about 200 free deer running around inside it.

Romeikos Gialos (Greek coast): It is one of the two main neighbourhoods of the city located north of the wall and is full of neoclassic manors built in the second half of the 19th century. It used to be the Greek neighbourhood during the Ottoman occupation and was named Greek coast in contrast to the Turkish coast on the east side of the castle where the Turks used to live.

The Archaeological Museum: It is located on the Greek coast and includes very interesting findings from the excavations realized by the Greek Archaeological Bureau and the Italian Archaeological Department.

The Religious Museum: It is close to the archaeological museum and includes many utensils, icons, robes and other church relics.

The Temple of Artemis: Next to the city within the space of the hotel complex “Porto Palace”, you can see the Temple of Artemis, which was found in 1993.


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