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Mesa LasithiArticles: Mesa Lasithi

limnodeksameni-haugaThe village is located on the east side of the valley of the Plateau. It is built on the outskirts of Mount Samias and is near Krystallenia Monastery. Formerly it had a great production of apples of excellent variety, which unfortunately in recent years has almost stopped. At the hills of the village, ruins and several seashells were found, indicating that parts of Lassithi have been inhabited since the Late Minoan period or even earlier than that.

During the period of the Venetian rule there were some metochia around the village of which only the place names have remained until today. It is important that at this village an informal ecclesiastical woodcarving school was founded that had been operating for nearly a century, from 1850 to 1940. Some of the masterpieces painted by the artisans (nitadorous) of the school now adorn various churches throughout the island.

mesa-lasithiThe village is mentioned at the Turkish census of 1671 as Mesa Lassithi with 25 families (N. Stavrinides, Translations, II, p. 135). In the Egyptian census of 1834 it appears as Mesa Lasithe and Mesa Lasithaki with 30 Christian families. In 1881, it is stated that Mesa Lassithi belongs to the municipality of Tzermiado with 449 inhabitants, in 1900 it is part of the same municipality with 301 inhabitants, in 1920 it is the seat of a rural municipality having the same name with 264 inhabitants, in 1928 with 351, in 1940 with 425, in 1951 with 411, in 1961 with 435, in 1971 with 343, in 1981 with 303, in 1991 with 489 and in 2001 with 175 residents.

Source: http://www.oropedio.gr

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