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PatraArticles: Patras


Patras is the capital of the district of Achaia and the biggest city and port of the Peloponnese. Patras is the third biggest city in Greece after Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as the biggest financial, commercial and cultural centre of the Peloponnese and West Greece region. During its four-thousand-year history, and especially during the Romaic period, Patras has always been a Mediterranean cosmopolitan centre. In the 1821 Greek Revolution, Patras was one of the first cities that rose up against the Turks, although it remained under their occupation until 1828. It’s called the Greek Gate towards the West, since it is an international commercial centre, a big port and a nodal point for the trade and communication with Italy and Western Europe. The city has two universities and one technical institution (TEI). The modern bridge of Rio-Antirrio, connects the suburb of Patras, Rio, with Antirrio, connecting at the same time the Peloponnese with Continental Greece. Additionally, the city can rightfully brag about its carnival, which is the biggest Mediterranean carnival in Europe. Patras was also the European Cultural Capital of 2006.

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