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LefkadaArticles: Lefkada town


Lefkada town

The town of Lefkada is the capital of the island on the north side, separated by Main Greece through an artificial canal and connected to it via two bridges. One of them is portable in order for the ships and boats to be able to cross too, and the other one runs above the lagoon with the fish-farm. The town is traditional with little streets, arches, old churches, colourful houses and has been declared a preserved traditional settlement. At the entrance of the city you’ll see the medieval castle of Santa Maura, built at the beginning of the 14th century by the Venetian Ioannis Orsini. The castle stands in front of the lagoon, which is the island’s main wetland, where many bird and animal species go to find shelter. The main street of the town is the paved Derpfeld Street with many old churches and beautiful buildings, as well as commercial and souvenir shops. At the town’s central square there are many cafeterias, taverns and bars. In the Boschetto Park you’ll see the busts of poets Aggelos Sikelianos, Alexandros Valaoritis and writer Lafcadio Hearn. In the city’s historical centre you’ll see many small houses, mostly two-stored and wooden, with wooden balconies and titian roofs. Of course, you’ll also see the old manors of the rich families, which are built on large lots with big yards. You should also visit the churches of Aghios Spiridonas, dated back to the 17th century, of Aghios Nikolaos, a Barrock style building from 1687, of Pantokratoras and Aghios Minas. The city also has an archaeological and a folklore museum, as well as a Public Library and the Charmoglios Library.



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