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M. AlonnisosArticles: Few words about the History of Alonissos

The name of Alonissos dates back to the early years of the independent Greek state. Interestingly enough, modern Alonissos was called “Ikos” in ancient times, whilst ancient references to “Alonissos” had probably to do with the neighbouring island of “Kira-Panagia”. During the Classical period, Ikos probably comprised two cities. These two citieswere likely to be located nearby modern Kokkinokastro (where there are nowadays ruins of ancient walls) and the Old Village of Alonissos, respectively. That was an era of great prosperity for the island. Ikos became well-known throughout the ancient world for its vineyards and excellent wine. Local wine was exported in amphorae bearing the  nscription “ΙΚΙΟΝ” on one of their handles. In a few words, this is a place of mythic heroes, old shipwrecks and ancient cities lost in sea. Nature has endowed this privileged part of  he world with fertile land. Alonissos is a charming island renowned, since ancient times, for its excellent wine. No wonder the island’s history is its most precious asset.

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