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MetsovoActivities: Canoe-kayak at the lake of Aoos

Canoe-kayak at the lake of Aoos

The artificial lake of Aoos was created by the building of the hydroelectric dam in 1978 and is located at the foothills of Mount Mavrovouni on a 1350m height. Its flora and fauna are very rich and it’s considered to be an important wetland. During the winter, the light blue waters sink into the snow and during the summer they’re surrounded by greens trees and forests. The streets and paths around the lake are accessible in case you want to explore this beautiful scenery. Our canoe routes explore the eastern part of the lake. We go by the shore to see the animals and the tall black pine trees (pinus negra) that reach down from the National Park of Valia Calda. We also make a quick stop at the island inside the lake for a traditional treat, some rest and a swim. We return to the place where we started. You can also canoe across the lake if you want. Duration: about 3hrs. Activity duration: about 1.5hrs.

Canoe Kayak στη λίμνη Πηγών Αώου


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