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PortiActivities: Hang gliding

Hang gliding

Hang gliding can be a sport, a hobby, an activity, a passive experience or even a profession, during which a man pilots the hang-glider. Hang gliding is a form of entertainment and also a sport. Though it started off as a simple gliding down small hills, hang gliding has evolved so much that it is now possible to fly for several hours, gain thousands of meters height by taking advantage of the thermal rising drafts, do aircraft stunts and cross great distances. This sport is similar to parachuting and gliding, but the hang glider is much simpler and cheaper than the glider and of course much faster and capable than the parachute. It consists of an aluminum frame, dressed with cloth wings. The pilot hangs from the glider with a band and controls the flight through the transfer of his body weight. On the top of our mountain – and more specifically on the spot Rongi Tziafa – there is a hang gliding track. The spot is accessible through a dirt road and the view is breathtaking since you can see most part of the Thessaly Flatland.

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